In FDS institute we provide high quality foreign languages training and learning programs for youth and adults within an interdisciplinary approach. Whatever the program chosen, we will ensure you an individual pedagogical follow up and regular evaluations in order to measure the progress made.

Our Mission and objectives :

The German language is considered as the essential language of our institute.  We teach other languages as well, namely: French and English. Our courses and trainings are designer to focus on current affairs and diversity. You will “quickly” develop the habit of speaking and writing with ease since our teaching programs are rich and engaging. German, English or French will instantly become your new favorite languages. Our mission is to help you acquire each new language in a professional, relevant and pleasant way while taking into accounts your needs.

The core objectives of Freundeskreis Deutsch Sprachinstitut are to help its members implement effective language education policies by :

  • Valuing practice in the field of language learning and teaching
  • Promoting dialogues and effective exchange between people active in the fields.
  • The acquisition of German (or other language), in use, practical and of a professional language in all types of sectors.
  • The essential mastery of oral communication and the basics of written communication
  • Understanding of the cultural and economic difference (way of thinking, behavior, reasoning, expression of opinions …) of German- speaking countries.
  • The practice of German ( or other language ) not for its style but for its efficiency
  • Our courses are adapted according to each person’s level and needs.

Our values :

1. Professionalism
Our teachers are passionate, professionally trained and experienced. They engage all their know- how so that you can progress and achieve your goals.
2. Pertinence
Do you need to communicate in a language quickly and efficiently?
Our courses meet your needs, and the get right to the point
3. Pleasure
We enjoy teaching languages and it shows in our lessons. We believe that fun and good humor are effective ways to facilitate learning. With the Freundeskreis Deutsch Sprachinstitut, a language course is productive without ever being boring.
4. Learners
Whether you are a business owner, an employee, a student or someone at home, whether you are Algerian or an immigrant, we believe that you are a unique person and your situation is important.
Our job is to teach you language … but our values drive us to forge good relationships with each and every one of those who trust us!

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