Article I: General Participation Conditions

1. Age
Participants in adult courses must be at least 16 years old. Individuals under 19 years old must provide parental authorization. Courses for teenagers are intended for those aged between 11 and 15 years, while courses for children are designed for ages 06 to 10.

2. Number of Participants
The number of participants depends on the room capacity. The maximum number is 16 people, with a minimum of 8 participants. The training organization reserves the right to cancel a proposed course if the minimum number of participants is not reached at the end of registrations. In such cases, participants have the option to switch to another course or receive a full refund of the course fee.

3. Fees
Fees are applicable at the time of registration. Unless otherwise specified, the price of educational materials is included in the course fees only for the participant type referred to as the “client” or those enrolled in a new level, as outlined in Article 4 bellow. Additionally, the retrieval of educational materials will only occur starting from the first session of the course.

Course fees must be fully paid within the specified timeframe. Without payment receipt, a spot in the desired course cannot be guaranteed.

3.1 Participants can pay course fees in cash, via Baridimob, or through CCP. If course fees are paid via CCP or Baridimob, the confirmation should be sent to the following email:

4. Types of Participants

4.1 Client: The term “client” refers to any new candidate who has never taken a course at the institute.

4.2 Learners (re-enrollment): “Learner of re-enrollment” refers to a candidate continuing their courses at the institute without any break or interruption.

4.3 Returning Learner: “Returning learner” designates a candidate who took a break or interruption in courses and resumed classes after one or more sessions.

5 Copyright: Copying or distributing course books, other course materials, or exams is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to take legal action against any participant violating this clause. Bringing a copy (counterfeit) of the used manual is strictly prohibited.


Article II: Registration


Course registration takes place on published dates based on the order of registration and our room capacities (see 4.2 of the internal rules). The training organization has the final decision on participation. There is no legal right to register for the desired course. To prevent a course from being canceled when it could have taken place if interested individuals had registered on time, please adhere to the indicated registration period. Participants who register after the start of the session will be automatically considered absent from the sessions they did not attend.

Participants without prior knowledge start in a course at level A1.1. Participants with prior knowledge undergo a proficiency test (Goethe-Institute in German) and are subsequently placed in the corresponding level. Participants who successfully complete a course can directly enroll in the next course.

1. Proficiency Test
The proficiency test incurs a fee and facilitates the allocation of participants to courses that match their knowledge level.

2. Payment Conditions
Fees for courses, the proficiency test, and educational materials must be fully settled at the time of registration. Participants seeking entry to a higher elementary level without taking an exam must present a certificate of success in the official exam or proof of the level specified by the relevant authorities, provided that the certificate is not older than six months (06).


Article III: Cancellation and Refund

The following cancellation conditions apply to participants who are unable to attend the courses:

1. Cancellation must be submitted in writing; it is necessary to submit a written cancellation request addressed to the administration along with the refund request date.

2. All fees will be refunded in case of cancellation before eleven (11) calendar days preceding the end of registrations for the relevant session (the extension period of registrations is not taken into account).

3. A partial refund will be made by deducting 30% administrative fees in case of cancellation before ten (10) calendar days preceding the end of registrations for the relevant session (the extension period of registrations is not taken into account).

4. A partial refund will be made by deducting 50% administrative fees in case of cancellation before five (05) calendar days preceding the start of the session.

5. No refund will be granted to the learner after the start of the courses (in all cases).

6. In case of abandonment without prior written notice, the individual will not have the right to be refunded or to join the courses of subsequent sessions.

7. The learner is not entitled to access the session following the current session with the amount paid.

8. Once reserved and paid for, courses cannot be postponed or transferred to later course sessions; in other words, course blockage is not allowed.

9. In the event of the training organization canceling the session, the institution undertakes to refund the full amount paid.

10. The participant will not have the right to be refunded if they do not comply with this Regulation (in the case of expulsion).